Available here are usermanuals, shop and service manuals of popular marine-engines:

Albin, Arona, Beta, BMC, BMW, Bukh, Coventry-Victor, DAF, Dolphin, Deutz, F-Gotha, Farymann, Ferguson-Standard, Fiat, Ford, Kelvin, Kubota, Lister, Lombardini, Marstal, Mercedes, Mercruiser, Mitsubishi, MWM, Nanni, OMC, Perkins, Peugeot, Renault,Ruggerini, Sabb, Samofa, Sole, Universal, Vetus, Vire, Volkswagen, Volvo-Penta, and Yanmar.

Documentation of several transmissionsystems are also available as a free download:

Enfield, Ford, Hurt, Hydromarin, Nanni, Paragon, PRM, Renk, NewAge, Technodrive, Velvet and ZF.

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This site was created without commercial ulterior motives.

Merely because there is a lot of demand in the boating world for technical info of popular engines, I have considered it necessary
to lay me posted manuals on the scanner and the resulting pages from publishing the web for free.
This with the sole purpose of helping fellow boaters.

PDF files can be downloaded by clicking the left mouse button on the URL.
The file is then loaded into a PDF view programs (Acrobat).
And then can be stored if necessary.